Jacob W. Crandall

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

About Me

I'm an associate prof at Masdar In-stitute, a new research university in Abu Dhabi that is in collaboration with MIT.


I study human-machine interaction, dis-tributed (multi-agent) systems, robotics, game theory, and machine learning.


My students and I have established the Distributed Human-Machine Systems Laboratory at Masdar Institute.


■     [Jul 2015] I extended my work from this JAIR paper to repeated stochastic games. The resulting algorithm appears in IJCAI 2015.

■     [Jan 2015] Stefano's work on the impact of prior beliefs in repeated interactions, performed during his visit to our lab (Jan-May 2014),
        was published in AAAI 2015.

■     [Nov 2014] Our paper describing how robots can learn to cooperate with people has been accepted to HRI 2015. Mayada, Vahan,
        Tennom, and I had a blast working on this paper together. We're very excited about what we learned and accomplished.

■     [Jan 2014] I am co-chairing a workshop at AAAI 2014 on multiagent interaction without prior coordination.

■     [Nov 2013] JAIR accepted my paper on minimizing ''disappointment'' in repeated interactions.

■     [Oct 2013] Vimitha's MS Thesis work (extended) was accepted for publication in IEEE THMS.

■     [May 2013] Our research proposal on systemic risk in power systems was one of three flagship research projects funded by the MI-MIT
        agreement this year ($3.24 million over 3 years).

■     [April 2013] Yomna presented her MS Thesis work at IEEE SSCI.

■     [Dec 2012] Vahagn's MS Thesis work (extended) was published in JHRI.


Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 54224, Abu Dhabi, UAE


jcrandall at masdar dot ac dot ae


+971 2 810 9136